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Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
the-links Lots of good stuff out there on about the game yesterday.  Let's get to it- --ESPN's Gene Wojihegnvlksnbgrlublg says Rupp wasn't as hostile to Rick as was expected. --SI's best bald college basketball/soccer writer Grant Wahl says John Wall knows when it's winning time. --The too-good-for-KSR-podcast Andy Katz asks just how good these Cats can be. --Friend of the Blog Gary Parrish says DeMarcus Cousins is a "little unbalanced". --Jeff Goodman thinks Boogie is a cross between Blake Griffin and Joey Dorsey. --Tobias Harris is sticking by his Tennesee commitment despite all the out of control shennanigans. --Who has the chance to go undefeated the longest?  Answer: Kentucky. --I just link this for the picture.  Does it get you as excited about women's basketball as it does me?  No?  Ok.

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