Sunday Morning Victory Links

Sunday Morning Victory Links

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deandre-celebration Morning, lovelies! Yesterday sure was a blast. Let's relive it through print and pictures: - Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman profiles Josh Harrellson's transformation from "lazy, out-of-shape big man" to jorts-wearing superhero. - Dick Vitale credits Calipari for the Cats playing their best basketball yet. Read this and try not hear Dick Vitale's voice in your head, it's impossible, baby! - Even The Gray Lady gives Kentucky some love (don't worry, no Thamel) with a nice little piece about Brandon Knight, who was undeniably heroic yesterday, along with Jorts. - The Wall Street Journal shows KSR that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery with their live blog of yesterday's game. Among my favorite lines:
Ball boys these days! They're living the life with those newfangled towels-on-a-stick contraptions. In my day, you were on your knees mopping up athlete sweat with a ratty, Gatorade-print towel -- and you were happy to do it.
Seriously, this is hilarious and worth a read with your morning coffee (or Diet Coke). - Brett Dawson praises Kentucky's toughness in yesterday's win. He also has some nice videos at the top of the page in case you're tired of reading. - ESPN's Mark Schlabach gives kudos to DeAndre Liggins for putting an end to the Joe Mazzulla show in the second half yesterday. While I kept comparing Mazzulla to UT's Tony Harris, Schlabach goes even further, calling him "the most despised opposing player in the Commonwealth since Duke’s Christian Laettner" if West Virginia had won. But they didn't, and we can all forget about him now. - John Clay drops a lot of New Jersey references in his article about the Cats advancing to the Sweet Sixteen in Newark; although, his line "rarely has a group of young men been so happy to be going to New Jersey" tells me he doesn't watch a lot of Jersey Shore. NotJerryTipton's nemesis also has an article there, too. - Danville's finest, Larry Vaught, has a nice piece about Darius Miller, whose confidence continues to waver, despite a huge three near the end of the game that put the Cats up by five. - Let's not forget about the ladies, who advanced in their tournament by beating Hampton last night, 66-62 in overtime. They play North Carolina at 9:45 p.m. Monday night. I know who I'm cheering for. We'll be here all day, so be sure to stop in. Also be sure to be in front of the TV at 5:15 p.m., when Ohio State plays George Mason. GO CATS.

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