Sunday Night Update....

Sunday Night Update....

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Willie Warren Dunk


Willie Warren's Team Texas lost a close game to Athletes First tonight.  Willie was worn out as was his team due to the loss of pretty much every big man on their roster (injuries or failure to be able to travel).   Still, Willie was able to provide those in attendence with probably the dunk of the YEAR.  I take that back, this may be the best AAU dunk I've seen since Tyson Chandler took off from the freethrow line and KO'd a kid in Louisville in 1999.  There is no way for  me to explain the dunk with words....I'm going to have the video on YouTube tomorrow and I'll post is here for all to see complments of HoopTV.  All I can say is it was incredible from my angle and I hope the video does it justice.


I do NOT expect Nemanja Calasan to commit to UK.  I think Purdue is going to sign him.  I hear he has a girlfriend in that area and it would be a good fit for him at Purdue.  Calasan would have been servicable for Billy G in this system, but I think everyone involved may think that ride is better saved for next year's stud class UK is working on.


I also do not think Hank Thorns is anywhere near as serious a target for UK as some say.   I do not believe that UK will end up offering Thorns, nor do I believe he has the talent needed to help UK very much.  I have NOT seen him play, but I have spoken to a number of people who are very familiar with him and who know basketball.  None of them think he is close to the level that UK would want running their team.  Again, I have NO firsthand knowledge of this kid, but those that do are universally amazed that his name is mentioned with UK.  Some suggest that perhaps there was some info put out to make it seem as if there was more interest in order to create more interest.  I have no knowledge of this, but it is not an uncommon practice as players go this late without signing.  I think Thorns will play for Virginia Tech.


My own PERSONAL OPINION is that Deandre Liggins will be very very very hard to get away from Kansas or Memphis.  I know Indiani Elite coach Mark Adams has gone to great lengths to facilitate as much communication as possible with UK and Liggins, but I still think Kansas is the leader and Memphis is next in line.   Adams does think that UK would be a great fit for Deandre, but I think Liggins is very fond of Kansas (which is a good fit also)


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