Matt Jones10/15/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Well today is the day. No, not for an evaluation of our football team, as if I think about the 49-0 loss today, I am liable to get upset. Rather today is the end of the biggest recruiting weekend in quite some time and today is the day where there is at least the potential of news. The visits are in the process of being wrapped up as we speak, with Tubby meeting with each of the young men individually before they head home. There is the potential that as we speak, Tubby is hearing from these young men that they conceivably could be committing.....and there is the potential that nothing happens today. You just never know. What I have heard from the visits so far has been uniformly positive. Everything I have heard has suggested that the kids were blown away by Midnight Madness and have loved the visit and spending time with each other this weekend. However now, we will find the big questions.....mainly who, if anyone, will sign on that line. I am taping the radio show tonight and should have some guests on that help us understand the proceedings. If we hear of any commitments, we will let you know. I think there is a very good chance that one commitment has or will take place, an ok chance that two have happened, and a low chance of three. When we find out, so will you. Now one more thing.....there is the possibility that something may have happened, and we just dont know about it. Often a kid has to come home for a few days and reflect. And there is the potential that some of these guys choose to go on other visits. None of this would be reason to panic.....yet. But on our recruiting show tonight (which will be available tomorrow), we will discuss these possibilities. This should be a fun couple of days.....stay tuned.

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