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-Its crunch time that beats the Cats again -Coach Cal points to Liggins as example of desired effort *** -New arena?  UK still has best arena compared to other top powers *** -Knight and mother say NBA not on his mind right now -UK softball remains perfect with comeback win in Miami -Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, and Arkansas all winners yesterday in SEC play We will slug through a 2nd straight Sunday following a loss.  And cheer up, we have 2 home games this week against weak competition.  So, it should be all smiles and cheers at least the next 11 days.  I will be running things for a few hours through this depressing day, and then your 4th favorite blogger, Miss Tyler Thompson will take over the rest of the day.  So, that's a positive. (*** WARNING: This link was written not by NotJerryTipton, but by Jerry Tipton.  If NotJerryTipton has wrote it, it would be funny, because NotJerryTipton is actually not Jerry Tipton.  But, these links were written by Jerry Tipton, not NotJerryTipton.  For those who continue to confuse Jerry Tipton and NotJerryTipton, please find a heavy object and smack yourself over the head)

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