Swaggy Calipari is getting in shape for next season -- and beyond
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Swaggy Calipari is getting in shape for next season -- and beyond

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Leave it to John Calipari to drop a little bit of gold on a slow news day. Cal just posted a video of himself working out to get in shape for next season, and man, is it swaggy. Calipari is on the elliptical machine at the Joe Craft Center while Tyler Ulis cheers him on.

“I gotta be ready to coach. It’s not like this year — I had someone else coach the team,” Cal quipped, to which Ulis responded, “I think I should have gotten some of the salary.”

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Cal is also watching tape of the 2012 National Championship game to stay motivated.

“Oh yeah, I’m trying to get my mindset right, my body right, because it’s going to be wartime,” Cal vowed.

It’s not just about next season. Cal said that he has to get in shape so he can coach beyond that. OH YEAH!

“I gotta get my body right. Can I coach to my mid-70’s? Maybe. And what would that mean if I’m at Kentucky for another 20 [years]? What would that mean? Championships, draft picks, #1, lotteries. No doubt, I would have 12 guys in the NBA All-Star game. No doubt. What about wins? So, let’s see if I can get in that type of shape so when I’m 75 I’m still doing this stuff.”

G-g-g-g-gigggity! More videos coming tomorrow…

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