Swaggy Florida Cal mocked the NCAA's old bagel rule
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Swaggy Florida Cal mocked the NCAA's old bagel rule

Drew Franklinover 5 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin



While talking about the NCAA and all of its problems to Paul Finebaum down in Destin, John Calipari mocked the old “bagel rule” that prohibited a student-athlete from putting cream cheese or peanut butter on a bagel provided by the university.

According to the rule, the bagel was considered a supplementary meal, which was within the meal policy; but cream cheese and peanut butter were considered violations. The limitation was lifted soon after UConn’s Shabazz Napier told reporters during the 2014 NCAA Tournament that he sometimes goes to bed “starving.”

Back to Calipari, he had some fun at the NCAA’s expense, jokingly telling Finebaum that student-athletes were taken to jail if they dared put peanut butter and jelly on a bagel:

I think those sun rays were getting to him down in Destin.

For a little more serious chatter from Cal during today’s show appearance, check out what he had to say about the upcoming draft, the private meeting with Isaiah Briscoe, and the future of his program and the conference:

Summer Cal is in full effect.

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