Swiperboy Entertainment Wants Afternoon Notes

Swiperboy Entertainment Wants Afternoon Notes

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swiperboy A few notes on a busy Monday, put together as quickly as possible.  I have to make a move before Woolridge's muscle above (I think his name is MC Lady Boobs) tracks me down.  Why so serious?...  - There were a lot of words in the post about Cal's teleconference this morning and if you're not one to fancy the whole reading thing, the big takeaway is that Calipari expects much more from this team down the stretch.  Cal said that no team in the country has more upside and, if he truly believes that to be true, there public statements lately about maximizing each player's individual contribution and development ring more true.  It's a noble goal in any season to coach that type of growth, but this season's team doesn't have the bodies to make up for guys not getting the most of what they have.  - It's more fun down in Knoxville for the UT Men's Basketball team as Jordan McRae was suspended and now Renaldo "Swiperboy" Woolridge may have violated NCAA rules when filming a rap video at a local bar.  It seems like a stupid rule, but it's Tennessee, so I'm all for harsh enforcement.  And, hopefully, some serious wind sprints for recording his video blogs on the team plane after losses.  Somewhere, Tom Crean is about to puke as he realizes those two fat guys from the IU rap video won't be able to play for him next year.  No big deal.  Hoosier fans are more than happy to move the year they'll "be back" another half-decade or so.  Give Crean time!  - After the rival Longhorns won the television contract Powerball last week, chatter about Texas A&M possibly  looking at the SEC as a future destination started up again Monday.  It seems like an annual affair at this point and one that usually proves to have little truth to it or move much beyond filler space.  But that's what you need some time.  Filler space.  Did I say filler space?  Yes, filler space.  Filler?  Just met her.  -  There was far too little excitement over Bun B coming over to the good side.  This disappoints me.  - Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins was arrested for marijuana possession.  This does not disappoint me or surpise me.  In fact, I'm surprised it's even getting coverage.  It's pretty much standard procedure anymore in Gainesville.  - Locally, Carson Palmer is said to be demanding a trade.  Bengals are demanding that someone - anyone - please want him.  - The UK women's team officially announced the transfer of high school All-American Samarie Walker from UConn.  She will have three and a half years of eligibility remaining. In case you missed it, here's today's podcast of Kentucky Sports Radio.  Matt and Zach were on it and they talked about UK sports and all the things you could find in Ramon Galloway's hair.  Check it out.  

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