Sypher Jury Says They Need an Extra Night

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
sypher It was a crazy day in the Sypher courtroom, as both sides made their closing statements, the Jury went to begin their deliberations at 3 pm and then returned two hours later, telling the court that they wanted to take the night off and start again tomorrow morning. The jury will resume tomorrow at 9:30 am and at that point will make a determination as to whether Sypher is guilty of the six charges brought by the United States. Today the Prosecution tried to paint Sypher as a woman who cannot tell the truth and who has simply attempted to get a "golden parachute" and "Something for nothing." The defense took a different approach, focusing on the power inequities at play and suggesting that Tim Sypher may have actually been the one attempting to extort. I will have more on the various arguments later tonight. For now, the jury is out and asked for a regrouping tomorrow. That generally means they believe they are a long way from a decision and potentially pretty strongly split. But with this case who knows.....either way, we likely find out tomorrow.

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