Tai Wynyard struggling at the Nike Hoop Summit

Tai Wynyard struggling at the Nike Hoop Summit

Drew Franklinover 6 years


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Tai Wynyard Tai Wynyard is in Portland for the Nike Hoop Summit this week and he is struggling on both ends of the floor, according to Michael Visenberg of NBADraft.net. In Visenberg's Wednesday practice report, he wrote that Cheick Diallo, who we hope will join Wynyard at Kentucky, has outplayed the New Zealander in their matchup. Here, read the entire section about Wynyard from the report:
Tai Wynyard, New Zealand 1998 (6-10, 263 lbs, 6-10 wingspan, 8-10.5 standing reach) The biggest thing young Wynyard has going for him is his strength; he is filled out and has some athletic ability to go along with it. Still, the youngster is very raw and has been blanketed by the defensive shadow that is Cheick Diallo. Length has bothered him, he has had a difficult time catching passes and is struggling in finding his way on both ends. Even while immersed in this overwhelming scenario, his attitude has been fantastic and he has not backed down. He does not sulk, he communicates and he really wants to get better. His shooting touch is not bad from out to 15-18 feet and he has thrown some people out of the way at times. Definitely is not afraid to mix it up and use his considerable strength. He does not have the look of the stereotypical “one-and-done” Kentucky recruit. Wynyard still has the body and size to be a really difficult box out, along with a developing skill set that could make him a nice college player in time. [NBADraft.net]
The good news: He's strong (shout-out to woodchopping) and athletic. Coach Cal and his staff will handle the rest once he arrives in Lexington, whenever that may be. Wynyard is only a junior but there was some talk Kentucky may try to get him on campus for the 2016 spring semester.

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