Take a break from Eric Bledsoe to look at Ines Sainz

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If you have been hiding under a rock recently, you may have not heard of the name Ines Sainz.  But, she is a reporter for Azteca Mexico, and was recently attending Jets practice when she was allegedly harassed.  Which on the surface seems ridiculous for grown men to do.  Even for a woman that hot.  Then as you start to break it down a little more, you realize that this woman has truly no excuse to complain.  For instance, the lovely Ines once wore this to a practice: Or this: The pictures are endless of her looking like a hooker at various sporting events, which is lovely for men to look at, but also meant to draw the looks and comments from those same men.  For a comparison, you can't dress like a clown and then complain when people want you to make them a balloon animal.  Of course, some of these holier than thou reporters think ALL the criticism should be placed on the athletes.....for showing a woman attention.....who dressed so that men would show her attention.  All I will say is look at the attractiveness of the writer, and maybe you can understand why she is jealous upset.

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