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At the start of the season I wrote a post asking the comment section various questions about the upcoming football schedule.  Now, with some clarity, before everyone moves on to basketball season, we will take a look back.  I have bolded the most popular answers, and offered my comments in between each question.  Let me know what you think in the comment section.


College Football season starts for Kentucky this Saturday, and even with a highly entertaining off season, it can’t get here fast enough. But before we rush too much into it, let’s take a moment and discuss our thoughts on the upcoming season. I’ve brought along 10 questions to help inspire discussion in the comment section. There are plenty of right answers, so don’t get too offended if someone disagrees with you.


1.) Which game is the most important for a successful Kentucky season?

A.) @Louisville

B.) @Ole Miss

C.) @Tennessee

D.) South Carolina

Hindsight it 20/20, and if we had lost the Louisville game maybe things would be different.  But at this point it’s fairly obvious that had Kentucky won the Ole Miss game the season could have gone far different.  Having won Louisville and South Carolina it makes it easy to take those wins for granted, but at this point I’m siding with Ole Miss.

2.) If you could only pick one game to win, at the sake of losing the others, which would it be? In other words, which game do you want to see Kentucky win the most?

A.) @Louisville

B.) @Florida

C.) @Tennessee

D.) Akron

Gotta agree with this one.  It’s still integral to having a successful season, it’s still possible, and it will knock them out of bowl contention if they win against Vanderbilt this weekend.  Beat the Vols.

3.) Which QB (not counting Cobb,) will finish with the most TD’s?

A.) Hartline

B.) Newton

C.) Mossakowski

D.) Lentz (Me, not Matt.)

At this point in the season it seems silly to have even considered anyone else, Mike Hartline has been that good.

4.) Which song is the UK Marching Band LEAST likely to play?

A.) ‘Teach Me How To Dougie,’ by Cali Swag District

B.) ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna

C.) ‘Turn on your radio, it’s Kentucky Sports Radio,’ by OH Napier

D.) Any song past 1994

I haven’t been to a game, so I have no idea what was played.  I think you all were probably right – though I think if they had played OH Napier, we would have heard about that.

5.) Which wide receiver will have the most receiving yards?

A.) Randall Cobb

B.) Chris Matthews

C.) The rest of the WR’s combined

The answer is actually C.  While Randall leads the WR’s with 839 yards (to Matthews 812,) that still leaves about 1,400 yards left for the rest of the corps.  And in case you were wondering, Cobb now has a little over 1,200 all purpose yards on the season.

6.) If Madden NFL were renamed Madden UK Football, who would be on the cover next year?

A.) Randall Cobb

B.) Derrick Locke

C.) Joker Phillips

D.) John Wall

This one was pretty much a gimmie.  Locke had the potential to steal the cover from Cobb, but only if he had a spectacular season without injury.  His season has been great by all means, but the injury kept him out of far too many important games.

Also, maybe it says something about me more than anything, but the fact that Hartline wasn’t even included as an option on this question certainly says… something about the attitude going into the season.

7.) What is your favorite tailgate food?

A.) Ribs

B.) Chicken

C.) Gator

D.) Coors Original

I’m sorry, the answer to this was obviously D.  It’s got a wide mouth can so it gets you your beer faster, and it’s got mountains that turn blue when it’s cold.  BLUE.  MOUNTAINS.  If that isn’t a can for Kentucky, I dunno what is.

8.) Even after losing to Kentucky on Saturday, how many wins in the Big East will it take for Louisville fans to think they were actually better than UK?

A.) Zero

B.) One

C.) Two

D.) Let’s be honest, they won’t win more than two.

Louisville is currently sitting at two wins, and with two games left on the Big East Louisville schedule I have to give Charlie Strong credit, he may prove us wrong.  However it was about after their first conference win against Connecticut that they started claiming they would beat Kentucky if they played again. Go figure.

9.) Which SEC team will win the National Championship this year?

A.) Alabama

B.) Florida


D.) Kentucky

Well that didn’t exactly go as plan.  I’m pretty sure I put LSU on there as a joke – but oh well.  Obviously at this point if an SEC team is going to win the NC it’s going to be Auburn, but how were we supposed to know Cam Newton was that valuable?

10.) Finally, what is the result of this years Operation: Win?

A.) A disappointing season.

B.) A return to a Tennessee Bowl (with a win.)

C.) A New Years Day Bowl.

D.) You idiot, I already said Kentucky was going to win the National Championship.

This question has yet to be answered, but it seems like we can go ahead and strike through D and CWin against Tennessee and win the bowl game and we might be able to work in B, but even if we don’t win the bowl game I don’t think it leaves us with a disappointing season.  Maybe the answer is A and a half.

We will see.


The answers will be revealed shortly, but until then, let the debate begin.

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