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It's been 36 hours since our beloved Cats stumbled on the road to perfection in Columbia. Are we allowed to have fun again?  Can we go back to rooting for the what might be the most exciting team of the past decade instead of arguing with each other?  I hope so.  After all, this season is already halfway over and we might not have as many entertaining and in-depth looks into next year's team as we're getting this year.  The latest feature comes from Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer (and SI too?), who has a lengthy look into the John Wall - Eric Bledsoe friendship. The title is a little misleading (and appears to be changed from "John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Kentucky talented, but still young" to "Kentucky's kids are ahead of the curve, but still have a lot to learn") but it offers a glimpse into how two big-time point guard recruits have meshed their games on their court and become friends off of it. Plus, as a bonus, it makes mention of Indi's, a Beisner college dietary staple. WARNING:  This piece also talk about the South Carolina game and how Downey's experience gave him an advantage.  I would disagree with that.  But, still, the story talks about Indi's!

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