Tara Conner's Thursday News and Views

Tara Conner's Thursday News and Views

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Another great day in the Bluegrass. We saw our Cats still reveling in the glory of a victory over the Broncos of Santa Clara. We saw our rival Cards finally win a game.....well it was against Savannah State, but I think it still counts in the record books. And we are one day removed from Donald Trump's decision to save Tara Conner and allow her to remain Miss USA. I am somewhat melancholly about this decision as what Tara Conner did was certainly wrong (I mean no one drinks underage do they?) but we had held out hope that Conner would return to the Bluegrass and seek out her true calling.....as a Kentucky Sports Radio girl. Alas, poor Yorick, no. We wish Tara of course nothing but the best and look forward to the day that Kentucky Sports Radio gets the exclusive interview where she bares her soul.....Hubby is very good at those heartfelt moments. Also, it was an exciting day on ESPN Radio as we had our show broadcast to the literally dozens of people that can hear the station at night. But we also got big news. The station is planning on adding ONLINE STREAMING, which will mean that our broadcasts can be heard everywhere.....opening up the possibility for Chris Tomlin to hit true worldwide stardom. Get ready, its a new age everybody.....online radio is the future, and you the Kentucky Sports Radio fan, are at the center of the revolution. Look for the ESPN Radio broadcast sometime on Friday.....which you can listen to over Christmas dinner. Now onto the news.... (1) We announced on the show tonight the news tidbit on the great Marshall Moses. The early grade reports from the semester suggest (at least from the Moses camp) that he may be on the path to qualifying. He already has a passing test score, thus what was left was the core classes and Moses apparently has done well enough to be on the path, assuming good second semester work, to qualification. Now of course, this news still has to go through the UK filter, where we often find that the kids arent as qualified as they think they are (Chad Grey comes to mind). But nevertheless, it is a good bit of Festivus cheer going into the weekend. (2) Music City Bowl News is starting to trickle out, including today's revelation that one of Clemson's Cornerbacks is ineligible for the game next week due to grades. A burden for Bowl teams occasionally is that you have the dreaded grade report and you can lose players before the big game. UK doesnt seem to have those worries as of yet, and with the exception of Abrem, they are ready to go. The team from all indications is focused and the practices have apparently been quite good. I expect to see a great performance next week. (3) There was a time not too long ago when Lexington Catholic meant great high school basketball. Well that time may be back. Keep in mind in the next few weeks, you have the Fifth Third Tournament (with the best in state field of any event this season) between Christmas and New Year, the Nissan Challenge on Jan 6 (which AJ Stewart will attend, along with JJ Hickson and others), and the OJ Mayo/Patrick Patterson game on Jan 13 (which will be the weekend of the Moses visit....he and Patterson at the SAME GAME folks). You should make it a point to attend one of those contests. (4) We reported on here the possibility of Earl Clark considering a transfer this season. Well Pitino must have heard as Clark played big minutes tonight in the win. But folks may need to start a Derrick Caracter watch. We have no info on this one, but he didnt play tonight as he was suspended. Something to keep your eye on..... (5) I know no one on here is doing this, but if anyone is considering taking UMASS lightly, you should change your mind. UMASS has one great player (Rashaun Freeman) and a bunch of guys who can score if left open. They play a fundamentally sound game that relies on player movement and cuts to the basket. They are not terribly athletic, but if UK does not come prepared to play, they can most certainly steal the game. Fortunately for the Cats, we match up well with UMASS as they run a similar offense to UK and will not kill us with sheer athleticism. I look for a very close (where have you heard this before), ugly game, with a late UK win. (6) Finally, folks spare me the television reporters acting indignant about the Knicks-Nuggets brawl. Unlike the Pistons-Pacers game, this was nothing but a regular fight between athletes. Guys got heated after a tough foul and things got out of hand. Sure it was unfortunate.....but is it really any different than the fights in baseball (which are laughed at) or the fights in hockey (which are ingrained into the culture). But yet I have heard people rant how this fight was "disgraceful" and shows the "thug life" of the NBA. Yes there are thugs in the NBA (some on that court), but this fight was the same we see in lots of sports.....its just some of the commentators dont like that it was young urban black guys doing it rather than White Canadiens with no teeth. That is the only difference. (7) Get to know Washington's Spencer Hawes. He is for real and very fun to watch Finally, sorry for the delay (the dreaded technical glitches), but we will have EPISODE 18 with Billy Packer up by lunch (if not before). Its good and I cant wait for folks to hear it. Play the pick em game below and watch for more football recruiting news as it develops.....

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