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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Lets get to this quick. Sorry about all the technical difficulties of the past couple of days. Hubby falls asleep on his keyboard sometimes and we have problems. Hoepfully it is all resolved. Two quick things. First, you can now type only www.kentuckysportsradio.com into your computer and have the site up. No reason to add the "blog" into the title. Over the next few weeks, you will see some updates on here, but that is the way to go. Second, we are beginning our planning for Kentucky Sports Radio "On the Road." IF you would like us to come to your area, let me know. We also will be going to the high school game of EVERY Kentucky recruit that commits.and taping a play by play broadcast, followed by an interview with the player of every kid. It should be fun. Now to the news.... (1) This weekend marks the visits on campus for Chris Barnes and Darnell Gant. Both big men are coming to UK for the Central Michigan game and should be around campus all weekend. Both are part of Tubby's concerted effort to make sure he is not left high and dry come commitment time if other choices fall through. It is hard to forsee Gant leaving the West Coast, but if he does, it will be because of this weekend. As for Barnes, I think he is imminently getable and will be a good college player. (2) Spoke with James Anderson's mother today who confirmed her son will be visiting UK in October, although the date is not set. She said that Tubby was at the Anderson's house LAST WEEK for an in-home visit and that she and James "like Tubby and Kentucky very much." When I asked her about the rumors that James is ultimately bound for Arkansas, she said, "that is what everybody around here wants, but the important thing is what James wants. And I dont know what he wants yet." (3) Strike up another visitor for Midnight Madness. Pennsylvania forward Lavoy Allen will be joining the masses at the biggest UK recruiting night in recent memory. Allen is a solid power forward who is friends with the Morris twins. We hope to have him on the show this weekend to learn more about him. But the Madness list keeps on growing. (4) Rivals.com named Reggie Hanson one of the 25 best assistant coaches for recruiting in the country. I will keep my mouth shut. (5) Finally, watch out for yet another name to pop up in the next two weeks. I hear that Kentucky has "serious interest" in another 2/3 wing and that we could hear about him in the next couple of weeks. I am always skeptical about these "mystery" recruits, but with what happened with James Anderson, it proves that anyone could still be out there. Have a good day and look for big site news coming tonight....

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