Tayshaun Hitting it Deep

Matt Jones07/21/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Before this summer turned into the biggest Kentucky basketball news summer in recent times (thanks to Dan Werner, Tyrone Nash, Shagari Alleyne and myspace), I planned on using this blog to help Kentucky fans visit some of the great moments of the past, courtesty of YouTube. Now that some of these stories have died down, we can start this look back with one of my favorites, the Tayshaun Prince versus UNC game. When you look back at great moments or games in history, you rarely remember how the games began. Normally a game is etched in memory by the ending, but when Tayshaun in this game hit 5 three pointers in a row to open the game , it immediately became a part of UK lore. When you watch the above video, notice Bill Raftery and his partner's commentary.....it is very rare that a commentators get this worked up during a game, but when Tayshaun hits the last three from the UK logo, well they are excited. Lots of things to remember about this moment. First, I was watching the game in law school with two HUGE UNC fans and they literally wanted to kill me during this section. Second, notice just how excited the UK bench gets....remember that this was Team Turmoil, but everyone still was way into this performance. Third, watch that college player you loved to hate, Kris Lang as he tries to match Tayshaun and talk trash....all the while failing miserably. And fourth, remember that this game was actually quite dreadful absent these shots. When he left, I said that Kentucky may never again see as good a 4 year player as Tayshaun Prince again. Early entry will take away players better and there are very few that will stay that can come close to Tay's performance. Now that he has done so well in the NBA, Kentucky's love of him has been vindicated and he is truly (next to Lee Majors) one of the great ambassadors of our state in the sports/entertainment world. And remember, as Bill Raftery said in this video, "He's got the puppies set off the bus...."

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