Tayshaun holding down the NBA playoffs

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Prince dunk If you are not currently watching the NBA playoffs, you are probably getting your Sunday Funday on, aka the Drew Franklin Special. Or maybe you were watching UK softball on ESPN. However, if you are tuned into the NBA, you are witnessing the last remaining Wildcat currently alive in the most exciting time of the year for pro hoops. As we speak (okay...type), Tayshaun and the Memphis Grizzlies are currently  facing off against the San Antonio Spurs on ABC. The Spurs started off hotter than Tony Parker's ex-wife. In typical Grizzly fashion, they made a third quarter run. But that was quashed. Hopefully Z-Bo and company make this game really interesting in the fourth quarter. I am personally on the Grizz band wagon - no player is more fun to watch then Z-Bo in the fourth and you have to pull for ex-Cat Prince. I'll be torn if it comes to a Grizzlies-Heat final, but that's what I want to see. Tune into ABC to see Prince try and bring Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. UPDATE: The Grizz failed at making it interesting, losing 105-83. Ouch. Onto Game 2.

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