Teddy Dupay...high on life

Hunter Campbellover 11 years


adf If you've paid attention to KSR, you know that one guy we love to make fun of is former Florida guard Teddy Dupay. He was part of Donovan's first wave of douchebags in Gainesville, guys that would be hated whether they were basketball players or fast-food cashiers or your competition at the go-kart track. Walsh and Roberson and the like were some of the most evil in history, and Dupay was at the top of many people's lists of hated Gators. Since his dismissal from Florida, Dupay has had what people who tend to understate things would call a rollercoaster life. He bounced around the world in lower-tier basketball leagues, dropped 45 on Louisville in an exhibition game, blew out a knee, made "250-300K, without even breaking a sweat" as heaven's gift to telemarketing, was charged with rape and finally served time last year after pleading guilty to lesser charges, like assault. Still, Dupay is unfazed in his quest to, you know, do some stuff, and his life appears to riding high as he has managed to find his calling. What could it be, you ask? He wants to legalize marijuana. In fact, it's been his sole focus since leaving jail last year. Well, that and cartoons. Actually, Dupay claims he doesn't even smoke the stuff, and that all he knew about it before starting this project was that "Jason Williams used to smoke a lot of it." Instead, he sees the legalization cause as  a way to screw people out of their money the opportunity to solve the nation's economic, medical, industrial and hunger problems. People just pay $94.20 to sign up, then $24.20 each month after that, and are compensated for the people that they subsequently convince to register. I know what you're thinking. It's not a pyramid scheme. Teddy said so. (If you need a refresher on what is not a pyramid scheme, please refer to Michael Scott's illustration.) So there you go. From dropping J's in Gainesville to saving America, one J at a time. Regardless of your stance on the subject, which I'm sure some of you will share while the some of the rest of you eat chips and take a nap, the fact that one of the most hated Gators in history has resurrected himself as part pot crusader, part scam artist, and complete tool should at least get a chuckle out of you. I know it got a hearty laugh out of me. I won't dignify Dupay's idiocy by linking his promotional video or site on this fine page. If you want to check any of it out you're welcome to find it on your own. Suffice it to say that if you want to watch a man that's comedically full of poo, the video is worth it.  And, if nothing else, this whole things can teach us all one invaluable life lesson: If you are dumb enough, someone will interview you. [FanHouse Writeup on Dupay]

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