Ten Awesome Things from Coach Cal's Tour of the New Lodge

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


The crew over at CoachCal.com posted a video tour of the new Wildcat Lodge, and it is just as spectacular as you would imagine. If you haven't seen the video yet, click the pic to check it out. Here are my top ten favorite things from the tour: 1. Cal's shirt First thing's first: that shirt. Nothing says "I'm comfortable in life and you can't touch me" more than a big, relaxed short sleeve button down with a hideous graphic. But you know what? It's Cal's world, we're all just living in it. 2. Alex Poythress sees you filming, keeps grubbing Alex Poythress walked by while Cal was filming, but that didn't stop him from getting his grub on. You go, Alex. 3. Betsy Fisher, Lodge Aunt Cal introduced Betsy Fisher, an "Office Assistant," and tried to turn on the Cal charm, calling her the "Aunt" of the Lodge. I'm not sure if Cal was trying to flatter her by not calling her the "Mom" of the Lodge, but she was clearly not amused. 4. The empty spot in the trophy case The showpiece of the Lodge lobby is the National Championship trophy case. Cal pointed out that there was an empty spot at the end. Hmmm...wonder why? At Kentucky, we're not so into subtlety. 5. The itinerary screens There are flat screens throughout the lodge that show players' meeting times, schedules, etc. Now they will never have an excuse to be late again. Can I have one of those in my house, too? 6. Recliners in the lounge "We don't do couches. You know why? They don't sit on couches or chairs anymore. They want to be on recliners." Coach Cal: always in touch with today's youth. 7. Kyle's mystery drink Obviously they can't show a restaurant brand on the video, so they blurred it out. Judging by the bag on the floor, which they forgot to blur out, it's Chick-Fil-A. Anyone have another guess? Also, Brian Long looks tiny in that recliner. 8. Cal's new BFF, Chris Cain, Wildcat Lodge Head Chef Cal's found a way to cheat on his diet: Chris Cain, the head chef at the Wildcat Lodge. I'll come over and say "Can I get a grilled cheese?" "Yes, yes you can." "Can I get a hamburger?" "Yes sir." "Can I get a cheese steak?" "Gotcha" "Ooh! Wings!" "Gotcha." Might need a few more of those roomy shirts if you keep this up, Cal. 9. Toilet seat up Some things never change. 10. The NBA Wall On the residence level of the Lodge, there is a giant display of former UK players in the NBA. It's huge. Headed downstairs to get a snack? Take a look at these pictures of John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins playing in their UK gear. Can't sleep? Go check out Rondo, Patrick Patterson, and Anthony Davis. Gold standard? More like "game over."

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