Ten Questions For Tuesday

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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A lot of things have been weighing on my mind lately, so I thought I'd put my brain to the keyboard and share them with my closest friends on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. I rarely ponder the meaning of life or who will be our next President, but I do wonder about the future of UK basketball and what ever happened to those delicious kangaroo-shaped cookies. Walk with me...   (1) Are you ready for some football? It's almost time to start switching our focus to the gridiron. I love Kentucky football but I'm not ready to say goodbye to basketball just yet. (2) Where did Matt Jones go on vacation? I spent all of last week trying to get an answer to the "Where In The World Is Matt Jones?" question. He wouldn't talk. That means he is somewhere really, really, really embarrassing. We can eliminate the beach and anywhere with dogs, so that leaves the Middlesboro Cracker Barrel, Pigeon Forge, or a Cheetos-covered beanbag in the middle of his living room floor. Can you think of anywhere else? (3) Who will be on Kentucky's non-conference basketball schedule next season? Georgetown? Notre Dame? Baylor? Cincinnati? UCLA? Athletes In Action? We will hopefully know very soon. (4) What's up with the scouting services and Derek Willis? Willis is the 26th best player in the 2013 class, according Rivals.com. He's No. 91 on Scout.com's 2013 list. Who do we trust? (5) Why is it impossible to find Dunkaroos in grocery stores these days? It is one of life's greatest mysteries. The supply is gone while the demand never dwindled. I did find a 14-pack for $62 on Amazon.com, though. Talk me out of it. (6) Should Kentucky pursue Stevie Clark? I say no. If he's not going to contribute right away, I don't see any reason to burn a scholarship that could be used in 2013's monster recruiting class, especially when UK can still add Harrell. We appreciate Clark's interest in the Cats but Kentucky isn't for everyone. Good luck, kid. (7) Will Kentucky get Montrezl Harrell? Sadly, those birds up the road are the early favorite. Harrell will visit Da Ville on May 31st, where he'll be reunited with his former high school coach, Kevin Keats. This could be the first time Rick actually beats Calipari in a recruiting battle. (8) How many scholarships does Louisville basketball have? Louisville has 38 guys on the roster for next season and still has scholarship offers out there for Harrell, Dorian Finney-Smith, and Stevie Clark. I'm no mathematician, but something here just isn't adding up. Then again, we all know Rick doesn't keep kids around when he doesn't want to. (9) Can I live in Wildcat Coal Lodge? No? It didn't hurt to ask. (10) Remember watching Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist? Man, those were the days. I really miss those guys.

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