Ten Tuesday Basketball Notes

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
sutton.jpeg (1) Sean Sutton really looks like life has treated him poorly. I dont know if it is his rather sloppy dressing (something coming from me), his unkempt hair or his bizarre neck, but Sutton always looks a bit drugged or on the verge of passing out (which he did in a game not long ago). There has always been something odd about the Suttons (with his dad's Brady-esque perm, propensity to pay players and drinking problem), but Sean seems likely to give the world oddities for some time to come. As for his team, they play hard....even like tonight, in defeat. (2) What part of watching Duke fall apart is the most fun? Is it watching Coach K seethe inside, knowing he may have to have American Express commercials play during the NIT? How about seeing Greg Paulus throw up another air ball while wondering, "does Brady Quinn have to deal with this?" Or maybe it is Josh McRoberts foaming at the mouth like a dog with its fourth case of rabies? Or maybe it is the swarm of Duke fans crying into their Calculus books? Whatever it is, it makes me happy. (3) Like it or not folks, with its win over Louisville tonight, the Cards are likely headed for the Big Dance. Beating the top ranked team in the Big East on their home floor is just the type of win that UL hasnt had in two years....one that validates them as a good team, even if they have double digit regular season losses. Pitino has severely underachieved these last two years....but he has taken a team that cant shoot, plays little defense and isnt all that intelligent, and has rescued them from oblivion. Something to be said for that. (4) Ole Miss is in first in the SEC West. Yes you read that correctly. And it might be something we should get used to. Andy Kennedy is a very good coach and a great recruiter. The SEC West is a division in which a team can get hot and go on a 2-3 year stretch of domination. The Rebels may be headed in that direction.....and oh yeah if the SEC Tournament were today, UK would play the Ark/SC winner in the first round and the Ole Miss/Ga winner in the semis.....not a bad draw at all. (5) No one sucks worse than Andy Katz. Just thought you should know. (6) What is the best team that you have never seen? Its Nevada and Coach Mark Fox. They have a great leader and a top talent in Nick Fazekas, along with a supporting cast that is often overlooked. They will enter the tournament as a 4 or 5 seed and could make some waves.....watch them one night if you arent in bed. (7) For the first time in a long time, I will be paying attention to Bracket Buster Saturday. Myself, Chris Tomlin, Mosley, Rob, etc will be blogging all day Saturday, with a special focus on the Bracket Buster games in order to get ready for some work for another website. It is a bit of a "tryout" for lack of a better term....hope you will plan on following it on Saturday....if you have nothing better to do. (8) Before its all over, Kansas will contend for the title this year. They have as much talent as anyone, they are experienced and Bill Self cant underachieve forever. They are (depending on the bracket), my pick for a title run....if they dont lose in the first round. (9) Lots of talk about Kevin Durant and how great he can be.....that leads me to the question, who is the best COLLEGE player since 1990? Some say Durant can contend for that title, and maybe they are correct. But he still has a long way to go by me before he gets to my top three.....Christian Laettner, Chris Jackson and Jason Williams. Yes there are two Dukies, but these are the only three guys that I have ever seen who I felt like could not be stopped at their peak. Durant is getting there, and if he can help the Longhorns make a Final 4 run, he might join the list. (10) More to come as the day goes on, but I think the Tennessee game tonight will tell us a lot about the mental toughness of this team. Tough loss on Saturday, potential letdown, but a team that wants to beat the Cats in the worst way and a victory that would be huge come tournament time. Will the Cats step up? We shall see..... And oh yeah, shameless self promotion....listen to EPISODE 23 of Kentucky Sports Radio

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