Tennessee fans, what they're saying...
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Tennessee fans, what they're saying...

Drew Franklinalmost 11 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Over 36 hours have passed since Kentucky destroyed the Vols in Bruce Pearl's return to coaching. That's plenty of time for Vol fans to let reality soak in, so I thought I'd snoop around and see what fans are saying on Tennessee message boards.  It took me a while to weed my way through discussions about where Tyler Smith buys his marijuana and how Chris Lofton is the greatest pure shooter in Turkish professional basketball history, but I finally found some chatter about the Kentucky game.  Here are a couple of messages that stood out (with additional commentary.)


SGMVols: We made Josh Harrellson look like ****ing Shaq. Awesome. (Jorts-Fu, the video game, coming soon to SNES)

SeanJean: Kentucky is #18 in the country, not #1. They aren't that good of a team, yet we made them look like the Lakers. (But with Greg Raymer's doppleganger, not Jack Nicholson, sitting courtside.)

DeepSpringsVol: I hate my Sports Life sometimes. I can't stand losing to Kentucky. (Become a football fan. Problem solved.)

BACKDOCK: I changed the channel to Larry the cable guy Only in America on History ch. for a while. I just couldn't believe all of the easy layups they were blowing. (I DVR'd it. Don't tell me how it ends.)

VolSportsFan: Pearl sucks against UK. (They're finally admitting it.)

SeanJean: Harrelson is Usain Bolt compared to Brian Williams. (He can out-run cops?)

SLOBBER_KNOCKER_U: Steven Pearl couldn't hit a bull in the A** with a bass fiddle or throw a rock in the ocean, much less hit an open shot (Ah, the Saul Smith treatment.)

RockyTopJA: What I wouldn't give to have Wayne Chism back right now. (The NCAA denied his appeal for a ninth season of eligibility.)

Paducah Vol: I think KY should drive it past the nail more. (Okay, that one is funny.)

BallerVol2010: It doesn't count any different than a 1 point loss. (What?)

OWH: I'm done with Bruce Pearl. There. I said it. Time to move on. (FireBrucesManBoobs.com is available)


It sounds like UT fans are pretty upset.  They didn't really expect to win in Rupp Arena, did they?


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