Tennessee players continuing a tradition

Matt Jones03/06/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
There are many things I love about Tennessee athletics. I think that the history of their women's basketball team is unparalleled. They are good with nicknames as they called an old male basketball team the famous "Ernie and Bernie" show. And I think Rocky Top may be the best fast fight song in the land. But there also is another tradition at Tennessee....and that is an alarming number of players who get in serious trouble with the law. Well it is nice to see Bruce Pearl is continuing the act. Apparently two Tennessee basketball players were both charged with possession of crack. Yes you read that correctly....CRACK. This is not alcohol, marijuana or smelling gasoline at the local BP....this is crack ladies and gentlemen. Now granted, both of these players were little used or redshirting. But crack.....I mean come on. I never thought of Knoxville as "New Jack City" but apparently a lot goes on down those mean streets at night. I dont think this is necessarily a reflection on Bruce Pearl (who I still like....but it is waning), but crack is still crack. Maybe next season, Nancy Reagan can come and sit with Chris Lofton on a very special episode of "Different Strokes" and teach the kids to Just Say No.

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