Tennessee Tech Game Thread
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Tennessee Tech Game Thread

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
n52700120_30350521_4332.jpg Today we have a matchup that the entire world is waiting to see.....the Kentucky Wildcats vs the Rambling Wreck from Tennessee Tech. Ok, that might not sound that sexy, but consider this. Tennessee Tech was home to multiple high school basketball camps in the mid 90s that were attended by Matt Jones and the Middlesboro High School basketball team. Intrigued yet? Well if not, how about the fact that official head coach of Tennessee Tech Mike Sutton, picked out the first ever business suit bought by Matt Jones for legal interviews. Thrilled yet? Well if you still arent, then there isnt much I can do for you. Tennessee Tech comes into Rupp and Kentucky simply cant lose....they simply cant. Patterson and Meeks are together for the first time since the second game and the Cats are ready to get a win against an OVC opponent. I like the Cats but am taking off the prediction game for the time being. Use this thread to give your predictions, your favorite things about Murfeesboro, Tennessee and chat during the game. Remember, at one time Saul Smith was an assistant coach at Tennesseee Tech....so you know the standards are high

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