Tennessee Turned Down...Again

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
lovie Aww to be a Tennessee Vol. You lose your obnoxious coach, Lane "The Situation" Kiffin and are left looking for another direction. You go to Air Force and the guy says "No Triple Option for you!" And then you decide, well lets go with someone who is Orange through and through. You offer the job to the head coach of Duke football....read that again...Duke football and now David Cutlcliffe has joined the list to say no to Tennessee. Even though he was the Offensive Coordinator TWICE at the school, Cutcliffe has decided to stay at Wallace Wade Stadium and coach the Dookies because the Vols would not let him bring his staff with him to Tennessee. Apparently the Vols wanted a coach with UT ties, but no loyalty to his people...an odd mix that Cutcliffe was not willing to be. So now where do they go? There has been talk that they interviewed the Coach at Louisiana Tech and potentially a coordinator at LSU, but what is most likely is that Tennessee hits the panic button. The fans want a home run and are embarrassed to be turned down by one of their native sons coaching at a college football outpost (although Duke football is the only Duke team I can cheer for from my law school alma mater). Along those lines, there is a groundswell of support in Knoxville for Lovie Smith, the current Bears coach and one-time UT assistant. The fans want him, thinking he can be a savior and I want to see it happen so that my Bears can hire Bill Cowher. It would be a win-win for everyone. Either way, the situation in Knoxville is officially at panic stage and the Vol fans are accepting what we have said here for four years. As great a tradition as they have and as great a fanbase as they are (and they are one of the best for football), Tennessee is no longer a Top Ten job. Acceptance is the first step to happiness.

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