Tennessee's Itinerary for Official Recruiting Visit

Tennessee's Itinerary for Official Recruiting Visit

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tennesseerecruit All official visitors to UT are accompanied by a Volunteer student-athlete and a hostess from the university. Each hostess must submit a report of the visit to the University of Tennessee Athletics and Compliance departments, and it is then forwarded on to the NCAA for records.  Somehow, I came across an abandoned copy of the itinerary while rummaging through the trash outside of NCAA President Mark Emmert's office in Indianapolis. I would've shown you guys earlier but I completely forgot I had it until today's Tennessee Hate Day.  Enjoy... ----------------------------------------- Date: 6/13/2010 Recruit: *****  *********** Accompanied By: Jennifer Wolcott (Hostess) and multiple student-athletes

Report of Events

9:00 AM - Plane lands at McGhee-Tyson Airport, where recruit and his family are met by hostess and UT student-athlete. 10:35 AM - Recruit, his family, and hostess depart McGhee-Tyson Airport.  (Student-athlete detained at airport security check for carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana.) 11:00 AM - Recruit arrives on campus and is assigned new student-athlete. 11:15 AM - Tour of campus. 11:45 AM - Recruit and family arrive at Athletics Department office to meet with Tennessee Athletic Director, Mike Hamilton. 11:46 AM - Hamilton cancels the meeting, says he is "too busy with phone calls and damage control." 12:05 PM - Recruit and family arrive at Bruce Pearl's house for cookout with team and coaches. 12:05 PM - Lunch. 1:30 PM - Recruit and family check in at Super 8 Knoxville.  Family stays behind for remainder of the visit. 2:00 PM - Tour of athletic facilities (Thompson-Boling Arena, Neyland Stadium) 2:25 PM - Hostess returns to offices for paperwork.  Recruit and student-athlete rent a car at Hertz Rent-A-Car in West Knoxville. 2:50 PM - Recruit and student-athlete meet up with other student-athletes at K-Mart.  The group purchases powered pellet guns. 3:05 PM - A robbery is reported at a 7-Eleven on the West End. 3:07 PM - Student-athletes are arrested and booked by police.  Hostess picks up recruit and returns to campus. 3:20 PM - A new student-athlete is assigned to the recruit. 4:00 PM - Recruit meets with representatives of Bornova Belediye, Efes Pilsen, and Besiktas Cola Turka of BEKO TBL to discuss future playing opportunities overseas. 6:15 PM - Steak dinner at Ye Olde Steakhouse with family and Tennessee athletic boosters.  Recruit wanted the bone-in filet and lobster tail but ordered the cuban sandwich because boosters say, "frankly, no one from the University of Tennessee not named Peyton Manning has made any money." 7:45 PM - Social gathering at "Bar Knoxville" on Cumberland.  Recruit stars as a background dancer in Swiperboy's "Get D-League Money" music video, filmed on-site. 8:10 PM - Fight breaks out.  Three stabbed, two shot, and 23 wounded.  Two police officers are assaulted in the melee.  UT student-athletes are arrested and booked. 8:20 PM - A new student-athlete is assigned to the recruit. 8:34 PM - Recruit, hostess, and student-athlete are pulled over on Papermill Drive.  Student-athlete is arrested and booked for outstanding warrants stemming from a previous drug arrest and failure to pay child support. 8:45 PM - A new student-athlete is assigned to the recruit. 9:35 PM - Recruit, hostess, and student-athlete arrive at "The Dripping Lollipop" Gentlemen's Club.  Hostess is 35 minutes late for work. 11:15 PM - Recruit and student-athlete leave the club and go to an on-campus house party. Hostess stays behind because "she's paying her own way through law school." 11:40 PM - Recruit meets former UT athletes who never left Knoxville at the house party. 12:06 AM - Recruit tells former and current student-athletes at the party that he loves the University of Tennessee and will commit in the morning. Student-athletes tell the recruit, "we have a surprise." 12:15 AM - Recruit and student-athletes arrive at "Rocky Top Ink" tattoo parlor.  Recruit receives his first teardrop tattoo below his right eye. 12:55 AM - Recruit and student-athlete return to campus for the night. 1:30 AM - Police are called to North Carrick Hall.  Three UT student-athletes and the recruit are arrested and booked for breaking and entering, assault, and robbery. ----------------------------------------- Happy Tennessee Hate Day, everyone! Go Cats.

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