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Tent City is open for business (and it's nuts out there)

Drew Franklin10/02/13


Article written by:On3 imageDrew Franklin


tentcity1 I just got back from Tent City and it was insane. Fans lined the sidewalks in front of Memorial Coliseum behind a small yellow rope until 5:00 am, then all hell broke loose as the rope hit the pavement and the free-for-all began. It was pandemonium from there. With so many tents and so little space, disputes were bound to happen in the fight for position. And they did. I walked 50 feet (if even that far) around the perimeter minutes after the rope was dropped and I caught two or three 'arguments' over who owned the spot. You can see one in the video below, but let me warn you, the language is not appropriate for children.... Some photos after the jump... tentcity2   tentcity3   tentcity4   tentcity5   tentcity6

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