Terrence Jones and Kansas?

Dustin Rumbaughover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Dustin RumbaughDustin Rumbaugh
Terrence Jones, as most of you know, is currently playing at the Jordan Brand Classic in NYC's MSG. The Shiver, Kansas' ESPN affiliate, has sent Matt Scott up to report on the event and he tweeted earlier in the week, in regards to Jones, that Kansas may be making a late push. I had the chance to discuss the situation for a bit with Scott last night, who does a great job with Kansas recruiting, and he told me that there was some sort of involvement with Kansas and Jones once again but the amount of interest between the parties was hard to gauge at the moment. Scott also said that Jones told reporters during the JBC's media day that he would probably know more about the interest level between himself and Kansas after this weekend passes, which tells me that there must be some sort of meeting occurring this weekend between Self's staff and Jones or Jones is watching the decisions of Lamb and Selby pretty closely. It is probably more likely that Jones' close friend, Terrence Ross, would be the one more closely watching the decision of Lamb and then one has to wonder what Ross' influence over Jones' decision might be. Ross is still considering the Jayhawks. If you'll remember way back in Jones' recruitment, Kansas was involved but they cut the Jayhawks from their list in the early fall of 2009. One would have to assume that the scholarship offer still remains on the table. Although it is a pretty interesting situation occurring pretty late in his recruitment, from a UK fans' perspective, I wouldn't say there is too much to worry about at this point. This shouldn't change Jones' feelings for the Cats, which should remain quite good, and the fact that Jones axed Kansas, and not the other way around, also bodes well for UK's chances. However, there is always the possibility of a little peer pressure influencing another kids decision. Even though this is all pure speculation at this point, all in all, it makes for some pretty interesting spring recruiting discussion. Jones is expected to announce his decision along with his friend Terrence Ross on either April 23rd or 30th.

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