Terrence Jones Is Ready

Terrence Jones Is Ready

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Lost amid the controversy of BLEEP-gate this week was the very real concern that Calipari was partially correct – and that perhaps Terrence Jones has been a little too selfish for the teams sake.  At times Jones has seemed out of control, at times not productive and at times not fully comfortable in the offense (at leas the passing portion of it.)  However unlike some, I don’t believe this is entirely on his ‘overinflated ego,’ but more on him not yet having adapted to the way to play college ball.

In high school, Terrence (and many star freshmen,) could do whatever they wanted and still score – the talent discrepency was so high.  TJ is just taking a little longer to adjust to the college level than some, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But – at least according to him – he looks ready to turn the page against South Carolina.

Per Terrence Jones twitter:

TerrenceJones1: Walking to my room wondering why it can’t be Saturday already.

—I think it’s fairly obvious that Terrence (and the team,) is looking forward to a chance for redemption against South Carolina tomorrow.

TerrenceJones1: About to attempt to shock a whole lot of people.

—I will assume that TJ is talking about his ‘haters.’  While his performance in Maui made Jones a household name, he has since seen a dip in his hype, more questions being asked about his readiness for the next level – and of course BLEEP-gate.  Jones being ready to ‘shock a whole lot of people,’ has to make you excited for Saturday.

TerrenceJones1: An arrogant man is a fool. A confident man knows he must listen 2 the teacher and take direction to be come his best.

—I think it’s fairly clear what we’re going to interpret this one to be.  Jones is trying to become his best – and the way to do that is by being coachable.

TerrenceJones1: Everybody hates chris

—Clearly talking about Chris Warren, former shooting guard for the South Carolina gamecocks, and not the UPN show about Chris Rocks childhood – though now that I’m reading about it, that show sounds pretty awesome.

T Jones is ready, are you?

Go Cats.

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