Terrence Jones lands cheap shot, catches clothesline in Philippine Basketball Association

Drew Franklinover 2 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Terrence Jones got caught up in some unnecessary roughness during a recent game with his new team in the Philippine Basketball Association. It all got going when Calvin Abueva of the Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters (that's a real team) gave Jones a hard shove to the ground, to which Jones responded with a direct shot to Abueva's groin area on his way back up to his feet. Play was stopped for Abueva to recover, while Jones danced to the in-house music in front of his team's bench. Abueva would get revenge on the other end with a vicious clothesline to Jones' throat while chasing down a long rebound. The two had to be separated and Abueva earned an ejection from the game. See all of it here: Jones went on to finish the game with 40 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists for the TNT KaTropa (that's a real team).

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