Terrence, We Hardly Knew Ya

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
So lets say you are a high school basketball recruit. You are interested in a number of schools, one of which is Kentucky, in part because you are friends with its star commitment Daniel Orton. It is unclear whether you have been offered a scholarship, but you keep mentioning the Cats and there is clearly some interest between you and the school. Then lets say that you go on your Facebook site and write this: Terrence says Liggins look like some s***... so since im the toilet i'll flush that ****a down da toilet regardless if Yall think it or not.'' Bucket Betta'' No turnovas. And then lets say that some UK fans get offended at the comment and write something back to you, and you respond with this: Terrence is sorry to Daniel R. Brown and other fans who got but hurt for my comment about Liggins... Ill just let his game speak for himself.... Im a Trap Star. I am not sure that this is a smart move for a kid looking to be recruited by Kentucky or....well, anyone. But that is what happened with 2009 recruit Terrence Boyd. I cant imagine the Kentucky staff will be happy about this development and if Boyd were to ever become a Cat, his teammates likely would not either. Really, really poor decision. And oh yeah, you know you are getting old when you dont even understand what the kids are talking about....what is a "Trap Star"?

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