Texas A&M athletics

by:Matt Jones03/04/06
Texas A&M is one of those schools that you dont often think about. I was trying recently to come up with facts I knew about the Aggies and I couldnt really think of many. I know that Dennis Franchoine left Alabama to become their football coach.....Antoine Wright was a decent player there recently for the basketball team....and a bunch of kids died there a few years ago when they were doing their bizarre log stacking tradition. But now they may be my second favorite team. A Texas web site has shown us a variety of Texas A&M music videos. The first is an older clip of two guys rapping about the Aggies (our Kentucky guys better watch out). Then there are the three guys who sing with their shirts off. I am not sure about these guys....whether to think they are hilarious, bizarre or gay....or maybe all three. But all are members of the Texas A&M basketball team. I linked earlier to their rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" but now have found more. They also have done a take on "Love Lifts Us up Where we Belong" (although apparently a bootleg version. And then they showed their dance skills in their take on "Till I Collapse by Eminem. Truly amazing. What is even funnier is to think of Brandon Stockton, Preston Lemaster and Shagari Alleyne doing the same performances. Now that is entertaining.

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