Texas A&M giving out "BTHO (Beat the Hell Outta) Kentucky" t-shirts

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


Photo via 12thman.com

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and teams giving out free t-shirts when they play Kentucky. As expected, Texas A&M is pulling out all the stops for Saturday’s game vs. the Cats in College Station, handing out free “BTHO Kentucky” (Beat The Hell Outta Kentucky) t-shirts to everyone in Reed Arena.

As I learned on my trip to College Station two years ago, the Aggies really like the BTHO acronym and will put it on just about anything. Also, the fact that they use the acronym instead of spelling the phrase out is almost as ridiculous as the policy not to boo opponents or referees, but instead hiss at them in what they call a “horse laugh.” In an indication of how weird and embarrassing that tradition is, this is the only video on the internet I can find of it:

Sigh. Why did I agree to do this road trip again? Oh yeah, the Dixie Chicken.

See you there, Texas Cats fans?


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