Texas High School to pay $60-million for football stadium

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Allen Texas High School $60 Million Stadium We in Kentucky would like to think that our passion for basketball is not surpassed by any state in any sport in the country.  But frankly, the obsession in Texas with football, and particularly high school football, probably is greater than anything Kentucky residents can conjure up.  And understand me, I don't consider this a positive.  Drooling over every movement of a 16-year-old running back is not exactly saying much for the quality of your life. Exhibit 1A: Allen High School, Dallas, Texas. The folks in Allen just approved a bond to pay for a proposed 60-million-dollar football stadium.  This stadium will include:
  • Video Scoreboard
  • Two level press box with film deck and Observation deck
  • Home side reserved seating with seat backs
  • 1,5000 additional parking spaces with 4,500 total parking spaces
  • 18,000 seat Stadium with upper deck seating including:
    • 5,000 reserved seating,
    • 2,700 General Admission
    • 4,000 Students
    • 5,300 Visitor
    • 1,000 Band
  • Some might not understand how ridiculous this truly is.  So, for comparison's sake, here are some other things and what they cost: University of Central Florida's football stadium (opened in 2007): $55-million Commonwealth Stadium (opened in 1973): $12-million Commonwealth Stadium (cost ajusted for inflation): $57.3-million Papa John's Cardinal Stadium (opened in 1998): $63-million Texas Memorial Stadium (opened in 1924): $275,000 (or just $3.42 million in today's money) Here are some other things the "good" people of Allen could have bought: -666,667 NFL footballs -700 Mercedes-Benz E Class (2010 model) -120,000 Apple I-Pads (enough for every graduating Allen class member until 2106) Point being, there were alot of things that the people of Allen could have done with their money, and in my mind alot of better things they could have done.  But, I understand that this is America, so people can choose to do what they want with their money.  So, I don't think what they did was wrong, I just question the priorities of the people of Allen school district in Dallas.  What say you, KSR?  You cool with this kind of cash being thrown around for a bunch of high school kids?

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