TGIF's Football Practice Report

Kindsey Bernhardabout 5 years


IMG_1648 Finish is Saturday's Focus This time last year was when the team had their horrible second scrimmage, which resulted in a night practice. The emphasize this year, finishing. "It is really important. It is what we preach on and harp on all year round is finishing," Kemp said. The team had a great first scrimmage, and Stoops wants to see that same energy on Saturday. "We got to come out strong, unlike we did last year. We just got to be better," C.J. Conrad said. Boom Williams Has Not Been Given the Green Light For precautionary reasons only, Williams continues to be no contact in practice. Williams did not participate in last week's scrimmage and that could be the case again tomorrow. Williams said he will meet with coaches before the scrimmage to see if he gets the green light. "If I'm out there, then I'll be out there playing. If not, I'll be out there on the sideline supporting my teammates." Williams said. Lamar Thomas Wants His Receivers to Do More Than Catch the Ball Although catching the ball and making plays is part of the wide receiver position, Thomas wants to see his guys do more. Thomas wants to see his receivers "continue to make those touchdown blocks". Blocking by the wide receivers are huge part in moving the chains, just ask Dorian Baker. Three Sophomores Have Stood Out as Pass Rushers Many people are worried that the defense will struggle applying pressure the quarterback. Josh Allen, Kobie Walker, and Denzil Ware are three who have stood out in testing the offensive line. "There's definitely some guys that are testing us everyday. That's what they need to see. That's what we're going to see on Saturdays," John Schlarmann said. Jon Toth is Disciplined  John Schlarmann has coached a lot of great centers. What puts Jon Toth ahead of others, his discipline. "His discipline is amazing to me. He's a guy putting in all the extra hours. He takes care of his body. He's very intelligent," Schlarmann said.  

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