Thank You.

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years



Thank you, Devin, for making this run fun. Even though you hit a slump at the end, the BBN was never happier than it was when your threes dropped through the net and you reloaded.

Thank you, Tyler, for your determination. The ultimate competitor, you are never satisfied, constantly pushing yourself and your teammates further.

Thank you, Trey, for making it look easy. Even through injury and illness, you made the most difficult shots look effortless.

Thank you, Karl, for your heart. You are one of the most talented players to come through this program, but your kindness and true understanding of what it means to play for Kentucky will be your legacy.

Thank you, Marcus, for your energy. You pick your brothers up when they’re down and make sure they never hang their heads.

Thank you, Aaron, for your balls. Both of them.

Thank you, Andrew, for your perseverance. Yours hasn’t been the easiest path, but in the end, you were the leader this team needed.

Thank you, Dakari, for your laugh. It takes over a room and always manages to make us smile.

Thank you, Derek, for your patience. Many people in your situation would have taken the easy route and left, but your love for the program and your team came first.

Thank you, Dominique, for your smile. It reflects the dreams of a million boys and girls across the Commonwealth.

Thank you, EJ, for keeping this group together. During a season in which the pressure would tear most teams apart, you were the glue, keeping your teammates loose and in the moment.

Thank you, Brian, for appreciating this.

Thank you, Sam, for having fun. Not since Boogie has the headband had so much swag.

Thank you, Tod, for living the dream and continuing your father's legacy.

Thank you, Alex, for your courage. The only thing harder than being on the court when the clock struck midnight must have been being stuck on the sidelines.

Thank you, Willie, for your spirit and your journey. You are a breath of fresh air in a sport that often times gets way too serious. Watching your growth the past three years has been a pleasure.

Thank you, Cal, for bringing these kids here and finding a way to make it work.

Thank you.

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