My Thanksgiving Favorites

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Happy Thanksgiving!  Since today is a day for feast and celebration, I thought I would stop by with some of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions... Gillispie’s Wild Turkey — What is Thanksgiving without turkey?  It is the main course of the meal and the face of the holiday.  Everyone has their own recipe for turkey but I recommend Gillispie’s favorite: warm and straight out of the bottle (100 proof) Cobb Salad — A crowd favorite.  This recipe is very versatile and variations of the salad differ to fit your appetite.  But, you can never have too much Cobb no matter what ingredients you call for. (I prefer the WildCobb) Papaw’s Homegrown Tomatoes — This year, Papaw Brooks’ tomatoes ripened at the right time of the season.  They're easily prepared and served in a bowl (preferably Tampa) Indian Corn and Squash - These two sides were served at the very first Thanksgiving dinner held by the pilgrims.  I always honor the tradition.  Plus, I heard "the pilgrims were beasts." Microwaved String Beans - For those that always seem to travel during the holidays, I recommend microwavable foods.  Try string beans.  They're long, lanky, and travel well. Papa John's - For those that spend the holiday alone.  Just keep it simple and order Papa John's for Thanksgiving dinner.  Be sure to use coupon code: COACHCAL for 15% off your order, a copy of Bounce Back, and a signed 8x10 photo of Coach Cal holding a blue balloon. Wall’s Ice CreamCream on the inside, clean on the outside.  This course really knows how to finish every meal and it comes in three great flavors: “Buzzer Beater”, “Clutch Free Throws”, or “Thunderous Dunk To Seal The Deal" Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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