Thanksgiving Tidbits and Triumphs

Thanksgiving Tidbits and Triumphs

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I hope this post finds everyone having a Happy Turkey Day with their families. Just a few thoughts on this happy holiday, while waiting for the Macy's Parade.... The most frustrating thing to me about this early season in Maui is just how poor the Cats' interior defense has been. A hallmark of Tubby's teams has been the ability to prevent easy baskets....this team is not doing it and really played no solid defense in all of Maui. That is a concern. Hard for me to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with this team , but I dont think they are far away. IT bears remembering that, if Ramel Bradley catches that ball and squares and makes a shot, we likely win that game and maybe the game today versus Georgia, like life, is often decided on such small differences. How many of you had Gonzaga versus Butler in your Preseason NIT bracket? The Zags game versus UNC was great to watch. The Zags have so many fun (and physically unattractive) players to watch. They just churn them out up there.....and UNC is oozing talent, but something is missing. Brandon Wright played like a man, but the offense just looks disjointed.....will be interesting to follow. You know you love basketball when it is midnight the night before Thanksgiving and you are watching Loyola Marymount versus Alaska Anchorage on television. I know that it is popular to say we dont have enough talent. But folks, the freshmen class is a GREAT class. Recruiting is not what is killing a team with 2 McDonalds All Americans and a very solid freshmen is teamwork and installing an offense that can be consistently effective. I always thought that this team would be fine if they had three non-conference losses. For that to happen, the Cats have to sweep IU and the Ville and not be upset by UMASS or Houston. Doable, but I wish they had gone 2-1 in Maui so as to have a game to play with. I dare say it......but I just read the ESPN the Magazine article on Joakim Noah and it made me like the guy....I should have the article burned. Not quite the high-powered offense they had last year at Tennessee eh? I keep getting told to watch for Isiah Martin. I have never talked to the kid and have only seen him play for a couple of minutes.....but UK is stepping up the heat on him. Finally, Tubby's comments on Ramel Bradley were very interesting. Said after the game that they were going to have to "find a place for Ramel" wonder if the thought is that he will be moved to the 2....that changes a lot for this team. Moves Joe to the three, makes Perry at the four (or the bench) and makes the team awful small again. But it may be necessary.....Charleston game could be very telling. HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING and safe traveling to and fro your destinations....

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