That Time Bo Pelini Bailed Out Mark Stoops

Nick Roush06/27/17


Article written by:Nick Roush


[caption id="attachment_223848" align="alignnone" width="2048"] The Stoops family photo (right) was given to the Herald-Leader.[/caption] You've heard Mark Stoops on KSR before, but today's appearance was unlike anything you've ever heard from the Kentucky football head coach. Today's guest hosts from Pardon My Take caught up with Stoops in his hometown of Youngstown at a charity bocce ball tournament.  At the annual gathering that raises money for a scholarship bearing the Stoops and Pelini names, all of the old football guys get together for cigars and story time.  Bo Pelini, the former Nebraska and current Youngstown State head football coach, shared one story with PMT to call out his old friend. "I can not believe he spilled the beans after all these years." Stoops immediately started laughing once they mentioned the story, but he did not back down. "We were getting ready for a basketball scrimmage.  Bo, he always had to look pretty.  He needed some wristbands," Stoops recalled.  "So we were going to my house to get some wristbands.  I drove a friend's car, didn't have my license...but I did wreck it." Since Stoops did not have his license, Pelini took the fall to save Mark from serious trouble. You can hear Stoops tell the entire story below.  He also shares stories from his days coaching at Miami, what lies ahead for Kentucky football and the gang tries to get Stoops to guarantee a victory over Louisville this fall. You can listen to the entire second hour of the show here.

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