Thats Four in a Row

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
four I am not going to lie. I had a heck of a time last night. Getting to watch your favorite team win in the home city of your rival is good. Getting to watch that team play with all your friends in a celebratory atmosphere that shows what is great about college football is even better. But getting to watch that team win and produce the fourth straight victory over that same rival and thus have the ability to pre-emptively shut up their rather loud-barking fans....well that is more than great. Louisville on Saturday night was perfect if you were wearing Blue. The city as a whole had more UK fans roaming the streets than any night that I can ever remember, with the Blue-clad fans celebrating and doing the "You Cant See Me" John Cena hand motion, although with four fingers, signifying the winning streak. It was a great day to be a Kentucky fan in Louisville and the feeling of giddyness easily continues into today. However, the only thing better than being a Kentucky fan right now would be the feeling of being a Kentucky player. For this year's Senior class, they will graduate as the only group of players never to lose to Louisville during their four years. Think about that for a second. The group of players that began being recruited by Kentucky before they had seen a bowl game since probation, leaves having knocked off their most hated rival in every game the two teams have ever played. For guys like Mike Hartline and Derrick Locke, the win isnt just about another victory, its about another stop on the way to perfection and the ultimate owning of another team. Kentucky hasnt just beaten Louisville four straight times, it has taken over the state and established itself as THE football program of the state, with its rivals strongly contending for second place. Memories of Orange Bowl victories against second-tier football schools located in towns most famous for having created the names for cigarette companies are long gone for the Card faithful. Now Stevie getting loose, Myron Pryor rumbing down the field, Trent Guy fumbling and Randall Cobb making one-handed grabs are more relevant than long-ago memories of past Petrino glory. Today I will be running the blog and we will recap all the good from the day in Papa Johns Stadium. But for now, simply remember this. Even though UK could have played better and made a number of mistakes, one important fact remains. Its four in a row versus the Cards...not too much beats that.

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