The 10 Best Quotes from UK Football Media Day

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There was a lot of talk this morning, but I've pored over the transcripts and boiled today's Media Day down to the ten best quotes from Mitch Barnhart, Mark Stoops, DJ Eliot, and Eddie Gran. Oh, and a random reporter from Eastern Kentucky, who stole the show. Counting down from number ten...

10. DJ Eliot on Mark Stoops:

I think Coach Stoops has had a plan in place since we have been here. We feel like the pieces are falling into place and I think that he is confident. I will tell you there hasn’t been many times when I have been around him that he wasn’t confident, so I do sense a confidence in him and I think that it will transfer into training camp and into the season.”

9. Mark Stoops on Matt Elam's weight loss:

"He wants to be an impact player. He's lost some weight. He's trained hard. All of our players have. Coach Edmond and our weight staff have done a really good job. The players have been very consistent and working extremely hard. Matt looks very good. Hopefully that will translate to the field."

8. Mark Stoops on Courtney Love:

"Courtney, he is a special leader. He is a guy that it does come naturally to because he lives it every day. He's not afraid to be unpopular. He challenges guys the right way. He lives the right way. He's special. I have seen him for a long time and known him for a long time. That's documented. You've heard me touch on it. But he's a great kid and a great leader.  He's what you want in the middle of your defense. Let's hope he plays at a high level and we'll see. He's got to prove himself and he knows that. He's not shying away from that."

7. Mark Stoops on Drew Barker:

"I see a calmness about him. He's done that way all through spring. He was that way when he was in the competition for another position at the beginning of spring. He was calm and confident. He's done that all summer. We have higher expectations. He has higher expectations than being the starting quarterback here. He wants to be the starting quarterback and produce and make plays and help lead us. I see a calmness about him and a confidence about him. That's just part of the process."

6. Eddie Gran on how Drew Barker needs to lead:

“You've gotta have some toughness. You can’t be the guy that’s going to be liked all the time. If you’re going to be a leader, it’s not a popularity contest."

5. Eddie Gran on Mark Stoops' speech at a team meeting last night:

“If you weren’t excited and you don’t have goosebumps, then you don’t need to be in this sport. I was at the edge of my seat. I was ready to go. It’s real, it’s time.”

4. Mitch Barnhart on Twitter:

"If you want to text that you got cheesecake last night, tweet that you got cheesecake out there last night. Who cares, great. Frankly, most of the stuff out there, I say, Who cares? I don't really want to know what you did, who you're having dinner with, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm really old (laughter)."

Let this be a lesson to all of you that post pictures of your food on Instagram and Twitter (myself included).

3. Eastern Kentucky Reporter to Mitch Barnhart:

"Mitch, I broadcast games out in Eastern Kentucky. Is there any chance -- I love Bowling Green, I was down there a couple years ago broadcasting games there. Hot dogs weren't too good. Is there any chance to get back up here in Commonwealth Stadium for the state championships football? I think that would be great for the high school football."

Unfortunately, we didn't get a follow-up question about the hot dogs in Bowling Green, but the reporter would steal the spotlight again later on...

2. Mark Stoops on what he fears (asked by Alan Cutler):

"What you fear? I fear nothing, Alan."

1. Eastern Kentucky Reporter to Eddie Gran about Drew Barker:

"Coach, I broadcast Conner [High School]'s games and every game, every play, Barker was a tough, tough guy. He worked his ass off every time, so I expect that attitude to come into play this year."

Whether Barker will be the leader UK needs him to be remains to be seen, but, as Eddie Gran said, we need more of that reporter's moxie on this squad:  

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