The 100 UnSexiest Men in America

by:Matt Jones04/19/06
The most interesting story in many a day, at least to this individual, came this morning when it was announced that an organization had named the 100 Least Sexy Men in America. The list is here and gives some surprises. First I would have never picked their number 1 least sexy man, Gilbert Gottfried, for that role. Astute KSR Radio Blog readers will remember that it was just a few mere days ago that I expressed my love for Gottfried and it baffles me that one would find him this ugly.....especially when other top 10 contenders such as Dr Phil and Osama bin Laden are on the list. I mean is Gilbert really uglier than Osama? I dont believe it in the least. Same problems are in effect for other top 100 folks including Jerry Seinfeld, Ric Flair and Scott Stapp. These guys are actually beloved by women and have no problem passing around super models. Two of my current favorite celebs, Tony Kornheiser (my personal sports icon) and Howie Mandel (DEAL!!!) are on the list, thus showing that talent played no part in the decision. I also question how one would put Ron Howard ahead of Clint Howard, his less talented and more bizarre looking brother. Having said that, props go to the authors for putting John Clayton, Jim Gaffigan and Dennis Kucinich....all great choices. But all of this led me to wonder, who have these folks left off? The Turkey Hunter and I once started a similar list and our Number 1 choice, "The Schwab" from ESPN's "STump the Schwab" somehow was left off this list. I also wonder how the adult Jerry Mathers could have been forgotten as time has not been kind to the Beav. Who would you put up? There have to be some good choices....

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