The 2014-2015 Kentucky Basketball season in emojis

The 2014-2015 Kentucky Basketball season in emojis

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


emojis The BBN went through a LOT of emotions this season: happiness, giddiness, anxiety, and heartbreak just to name a few. In the social media/smartphone age, sometimes the best way to express these emotions is through emojis, or those little graphics in texts we all hated until we finally figured out how to use them, used them ironically, and now just use. You know emojis are mainstream when your mother starts using them (a photoshopped blue cardinal in a UK jersey with 😝😝next to it, nonetheless), so in that spirit, here is my take on this season in emoji form. 🌴🏀 The Bahamas 😎 Basketball in August 👣 When Calipari saw footprints in the sand 😝 When Calipari tweeted that it reminded him of the poem "Footprints in the Sand" 🎉 Big Blue Madness 👋🎤 When Calipari dropped the mic 🍦🙌 The first Rupp ice cream of the season 😀 The Kansas game 😢 Alex's injury 😁 The first half of the UCLA game 😍 The Louisville game 💬 The Ole Miss and Texas A&M scares 👍 SEC routs 👎 9 p.m. tip-offs 😂 The photobombs 💤  Waiting for all the trolls to chime in 💩 Oh wait, there's Jeff Goodman 🔥👌 Devin Booker 👬 Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker 😉 The Arkansas game 🎯 Target on our backs 👆 31-0 👤👤 BBN before 31-0 👥👥👥 BBN after 31-0 👯 When Kentucky is on every channel 🍺🍷🍸🍹🍻 SEC Tournament 😏 When Arkansas talked trash before the SEC Championship 🎊 34-0 😕 Win over Hampton 😳 Hampton's cheerleaders 😌 Win over Cincinnati 😜 "To me, they don't play hard. To me, they don't play as hard as we play." - Daxter Miles, West Virginia 💃 37-0 😰 Whoa, Notre Dame 🍒 Aaron's three 😈 38-0 😟 Where is Willie? 😠 No, really, where is he? 👿 Three straight shot clock violations 😳 Sam Dekker's step back three 😱 Aaron's airball 💀 38-1 💔 38-1 😭 38-1 😞 38-1 😑 38-1 🐸🍵 When Louisville fans troll you but they finished 27-9 😩 When all seven stood up 😌 When you heard Cal told Tyler he's building the team around him 🌷 Oh hey, it's spring outside 🏇 Keeneland therapy 🎧😄 Listening to the player interviews on KSR 😢 Remembering those players are gone 😂 Hearing Devin Booker say someone licked his car 😝 Seeing pictures of girls licking Devin Booker's car 😡 Trying to figure out the 2015 class 😬 Waiting for Cheick Diallo and Malik Newman to announce 😐 Realizing you already care about basketball again.

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