The A Block E1: Welcome to The A Block

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There's a new podcast in town. Introducing The A Block with Hayley Harmon, Claire Crouch and Jacqueline Nie. The talented ladies explain what The A Block is and touch on a variety of topics, from updates on the royal family to Kroger Field struggles, you'll hear all of that and... -- "Podcast names are harder than naming a child." -- How their careers led them to Lexington. -- Do they approve of Justin Bieber's wedding attire? -- The Kardashians are at it again. -- Has someone already started watching Hallmark Christmas movies? -- European Road Trip! -- How to eat a cupcake and record a podcast at the same time. You can subscribe to The A Block podcast feed on iTunes or Spotify to have the latest episodes go directly to your phone or other listening devices. Thanks to our sponsor:

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