The Aaron Torres Sports Podcast E21: Bracketology with Stewart Mandel

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It's time for another edition of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast, as Aaron is joined by Nick Coffey, as well as well as The Athletic's Stewart Mandel. Amongst the topics discussed:
* Aaron and Nick discuss Valentines Day - and how Aaron ruined the big day for his girlfriend with a bad card.
* The conversation moves to Kentucky hoops. Aaron and Nick argue about why Kentucky is struggling, and wonder: Will this team actually turn it around? Aaron gives his reason for optomism.
* And finally talk from across the nation - Why the Trae Young hype might be officially dead, why Aaron is out on Villanova and the latest on the FBI probe into college hoops.
In the next segment, Aaron is joined by the Athletic's Stewart Mandel. Mandel primarily covers college basketball for the outlet, but also serves as their bracketologist.
* Stew describes what goes into a bracket. What are the most important elements? How does he slot teams? And how much of a role does geography play?
* Next, the conversation moves to off-season college football talk. The guys talk about whether college coaches like two different Signing Day's, and how much trouble is Jim Harbaugh in? Also, what the hell is going on with Herm Edwards at Arizona State?
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