The All-American Kyle Macy Wants YOU for his Post-Season Tournament!

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If Arkansas (and other teams struggling to compete this year in the SEC) cannot make the Big Dance, the NIT or the College Basketball Invitational, they might be invited to the newly announced Postseason Tournament. The CIdotcomPT -- ugh, they need to come up with a better acronym -- will select 16 teams that are not selected by the NCAA and the NIT that have winning records.

The selection committee for the tournament is led by several former coaches, including Gene Keady and the alien life form that lives just above the top of Gene's head. Also on the committee is former Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan. There is no official confirmation that teams selected to the CIdotcomPT will be forced to do the Soulja Boy:

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Also on the selection committee is the Big Blue Sports Network's own All-American Kyle Macy. On the selection committee page, Kyle is listed as "Former head coach, University of Kentucky". I think Kyle or the CIdotcomPT staff has some selective memory when it comes to Kyle's coaching resume. (Update late Tuesday night: They've changed it to "former All-American, University of Kentucky". The power of KSR is too great for CollegeInsiderdotcom!) He also needs to update his web site.

If Kentucky ever plays in this tournament, there will be blue blood flowing through the gutters of Lexington.

Update: Bo Ryan still coaches at Wisconsin, is gonna superman dat ho.

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