The Ballad of Billy Clyde

The Ballad of Billy Clyde

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
billyclyde.jpeg I am not sure what it is about college sports fans, but their desire to make awful songs about their sporting heroes seems to know no bounds. Take Texas A&M fan Ben Morris who has written "The Ballad of Billy Clyde about his former coach, Mr. Gillispie. The song tells the story of a coach of the Aggies who moves on to bluer pastures, only to regret his decision to leave College Station. It is.....well, not Jonathan Webb bad, but not exactly good either. It is clear that Morris is attempting to sing somewhat sarcastically, and for that he should be praised. But the song isnt really funny and has a sort of "Crash Test Dummies" sound. Bottom line, I cant tell if I like it or hate it......but it is clear that Billy Clyde has made an impression on those Aggies.

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