The Best .GIFs From UK's Belk Bowl Video
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The Best .GIFs From UK's Belk Bowl Video

Drew Franklinalmost 2 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


UK Football released an eight-minute-long video recap of its trip to the Belk Bowl with never-before-seen footage from within the program. It begins in Lexington with Lynn Bowden telling his team he will play in the game, and it ends with him holding the Belk Bowl trophy on stage down in Charlotte. (Whoops, spoiler alert.) In between, there are several cool shots from behind the scenes before the game, during and after. The video can be seen at the bottom of the page. But first, enjoy some of the best frames from the video in .gif form.  
  Before the game, the team dances and shouts the words to "Dream and Nightmares," in a dark hotel ballroom with Lynn Bowden highlights playing on a projection screen. That's exactly how I start everyday too.   Hollywood Terry Wilson and Lynn Bowden give each other a pregame nod.   Coach Edmond tells the team to let Virginia Tech do the talking.   Bowden celebrates the first touchdown on the board.   Hollywood Wilson loves it too.   But the last touchdown was even better.   The booth coaches celebrate next to UK's broadcast booth. I hope that guy got his high-five.   Mark Stoops tells Bowden, "That is UNBELIEVABLE."   Belk Bowl champs!   Kash Daniel soaks up his last moments in a Kentucky uniform.   Lynn Bowden leaves the field one last time:   While another Lynn Bowden eyes his future:   Is it football season yet?  

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