The Best #JimmyDykesPickupLines
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The Best #JimmyDykesPickupLines

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 10 years


jimmydykes "Hey good-lookin'..." So what do you do when you're at work watching the Georgia/Auburn game on ESPN3 and can't handle the boring basketball and endless references to the tornado that hit the Georgia Dome two years ago? Make fun of Jimmy Dykes on Twitter, of course! After listening to Jimmy ramble as only Jimmy can, I started to wonder, "What would it be like to go out on the town with Jimmy Dykes?" This spawned a #JimmyDykesPickupLines Twitter hashtag faster than a Porcini's quickie. Here are some of my favorite #JimmyDykesPickupLines:
- You know if you were on my jet, I'd definitely put you in 1st class... (@kevod23) - I don't use words like Penetrate and Find the seam for nothing... (@kevod23) - "Are you gonna keep guarding your yard or are you gonna let me drive this nail" (@NotJimmyDykes) - I really admire your big, soft hands. (@tytythompsonKSR) - If you go out with me, there's a 90% chance you'll get drunk. (@tytythompsonKSR) [shortly after] - That should be "if you go out with me there is a 90% you are already drunk" (@NotJimmyDykes) - "Can I take you to the hip new salon, Violent Cuts?" (@ajlageman) - The word of the day is “legs.” Let’s go back to my place and spread the word. (@JIMMIEUKFAN) - Did I tell you I have a plane? (@Ukcyclone) - If you're not scoring on one end, you gotta make it a whole lot harder on the other. (actually Jimmy Dykes, during the South Carolina/Ole Miss game) - Wanna come home with me and practice some Cautious Clothes Outs? (@mikethompsonBL)
Okay, your turn! Jimmy Dykes walks into a bar...GO!

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