The Bluegrass Stallions are after our Enes

Drew Franklinover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


enesstallion The NCAA might've ruled Enes Kanter permanently ineligible but that doesn't necessarily mean we won't be seeing Enes play basketball in Kentucky.  Brace yourself, folks... the Bluegrass Stallions have expressed interest in signing Enes Kanter. Yes, the same Bluegrass Stallions who made Woo pay for his pre-tipoff hot dogs last season. This Stallions released this statement last night:

"We're prepared to do everything in our power to get Enes Kanter to join our team," Stallions president Kristin Nelson said. "We are prepared to offer a very lucrative package that would not only pay him generously but also offer comprehensive insurance coverage against injury. Even if he just played for us at home we'd love to have him.

"Obviously Enes would be a valuable addition to our roster," Nelson said. "But we're convinced that playing for the Stallions would help Enes as well. Enes can continue his quest for a great University of Kentucky education as he pursues a championship ring with the Stallions. Our season ends in March, so he'd have plenty of time to get ready for the (NBA) Draft."

So Georgetown, KY's professional basketball team wants to take a Top 5 NBA Draft pick and turn him into a circus clown - and they'd make a fortune doing so. This would be a terrible move for Enes.  A terrible move that all of us would go watch. #SignEnes

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